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hi what’s up hello.

Here’s a bio I wrote about myself, for myself:

Former Montanan-turned Bostonian, Anastasia Warren is a writer, marketer, organizer, and creator based in Boston, Massachusetts. Her message is to empower others by showing them they are not alone and she is committed to helping her clients to tell their authentic stories to make change. Her main goal in life is to create cool stuff to make the world better, and, no matter the medium, that is what she strives to do.

In addition to writing in Word docs, on napkins, and on her phone notepad, Anastasia is the Social Media Manager at a B2B marketing agency in the Boston Seaport District. When she’s not at the office or glued to her computer, you'll find Anastasia geeking out over design and black clothes (shocker), listening to business podcasts, finding the best food in New England, overstaying her welcome at local coffee shops, and writing bios in third person.



I identify as a writer first and everything else second. I write because I can’t not. I write on this blog, I write in my notebooks, I write in Word docs and I write in my day job. My specialties lie in personal essays and viewpoints as well as ad copy and branding, feature stories, business writing, and marketing content.


I’m the Social Media Manager at KoMarketing, a B2B firm in Boston, Massachusetts. We’re located in the Innovation / Seaport District, where I spend my days communicating with clients and leading the social media strategy for our clients in conjunctions with our SEO and PPC programs. Prior to joining the team, I worked as the Director of Marketing at a business services firm in Reno, Nevada where I served on the leadership team and largely focused on employee relations and business strategy.


I have a passion for getting people together to create, talk, and share different viewpoints. Organizing others and, more literally, organizing projects, meetings, and programs in my career is where I thrive.


I’m always creating. Whether it’s book ideas, this blog, strategies for clients at work, dancing, or scheming up other entrepreneurial ventures — creating is an innate part of who I am.

Hey guys! Thanks for being here. I’d love to talk about your next project, writing needs, goals, or other opps!