& thanks for being here. I’ve been entrenched in the full-time workforce for several years, having held titles from manager to director while working in both corporate and start-up environments. Below I outline some of my “identifiers” or things I’ve worked on or found out about myself along the way.

The elevator pitch:

I am a writer, social media manager, marketer, and project / account manager based in Boston, Massachusetts. My mission is to help clients, companies, and individuals to tell their authentic stories and make change (and see real results) through creative marketing strategies. I have experience in B2B, B2C, and lifestyle industries and enjoy them all for different reasons. I especially love creative storytelling through digital platforms, and have a knack for event marketing and connecting the right people & stakeholders.

The background:

I was raised in Montana and am a proud alum of the University of Nevada. I love exploring career and self-development through books, podcasts, and experience and most importantly I love sharing those findings with you.

I believe in moving forward in business and in life — that we can all achieve more than we think. I strive to share valuable things on social media and here that are authentic to my life.

Outside of work and passion projects, I enjoy spending time with others, staying active, reading, exploring new places and new music, and enjoying my morning coffee.

That’s enough about me — get in touch so we can start talking about you.