content writer and creator. adventuring through life.

I write and create content for clients.

I am a writer first and everything else second. I use words to tell stories of companies, brands, individuals, and my own. I use this passion and skill to fuel my creative career in marketing and content creation.

After working in-house for three years as the Director of Marketing at a business services firm in Reno, Nevada where I managed the overall marketing strategy and business strategy alongside a team of directors, I made my way east to Boston, MA. Here, I work in the Seaport District as the Senior Manager of Social Media at KoMarketing, a B2B digital marketing firm. My days are filled with providing strategy recommendations and implementation for global clients, communicating both internally and externally, and managing teams and client programs in order to achieve optimal results. I am committed to helping clients and companies to tell their authentic stories and make change (and see real results). I excel in client communication, paid / organic social strategies, and the integration of digital marketing as a whole.

I’ve been lucky enough to serve on professional boards in the performing arts, be involved in leadership groups with the Chamber of Commerce, and work with a business and management coach one on one. I’ve worked with a multitude of clients in the marketing and content space, and I contribute to publications as often as time and fit allows.

In addition to and integrated with my marketing career, I'm extremely interested in management, career and professional development, business, and leadership (oh, you already figured that out?). I strive to continuously improve and educate those around me on these topics.

I love what I do because I love people. Contact me at for content services, consulting, speaking, or contributing inquiries!

For more details on my experience, check out my full resume, connect on LinkedIn, or browse my published writing.

In my free time I spend time with my friends and family, dance, read, stay active, drink coffee, listen to music, obsess over good design and coffee shops, and try to stay outside as much as possible. I’m from Montana and am loving exploring Boston and New England (yes, I’ll say it… Go Pats).