One Right Way

For so long I thought there was a right way to do things.

I thought that there was one, most efficient, most productive — right way to do things.

I listened to the podcasts, I bought every newly released self-help book, I purchased every trend in clothing — I tried every diet.

For so long I thought there was a right way to do things.

For so long I lied.

I lied to myself. I made myself believe there was always a better way — that what I was doing was inherently wrong — incorrect — not efficient enough.

I read the step-by-step books to make me better. I tried every 5 step and 6 step and 12 step process. I did it by the book — I lived it by the book.

But the truth is, the book wasn’t for me.

There was no one way.

No right way.

I don’t listen to self-help podcasts or self-improvement books just because I feel I have to anymore. More so, I listen to things that make me laugh, things that interest me, things that sound appealing. And when I get over them, I stop. I don’t continue to read something just because I “should.”

Sometimes I freak out a bit, wondering if my days of self-improvement and ambition are long out the door — but that’s not true. It’s not that I’m not saying goodbye to all new knowledge and ways to improve or become more productive or be healthy or get in shape — I’m simply doing it the way I want, the way that fits in my schedule — the way that makes me happy.

I’m exploring, I’m making mistakes, I’m acting my age — sometimes younger, sometimes older. I’m not forcing anything just because I think that’s how it should be.

This post isn’t being written to tell you to stop listening to your business podcast or to quit your health regimen. This post is to tell you to do things you want to do that truly benefit you — your personal growth, your overall health, your career, and most importantly, your happiness.

One of my deepest dreams is to write a book. I always thought that once I got past some of my hardships I would write a book with the steps I took to free myself from them. And so I waited. I waited and I waited because I wanted to share what worked for me, with you.

But the truth is I don’t have steps. I don’t have a plan for myself, much less for you.

And the truth is I don’t want to.

I want to share my story of failures and successes. Of steps forward and steps back. Of jumps to the side and diagonal and different things I’ve tried and stupid things I’ve done and awesome things I’ve learned and great people I’ve met.

Because that’s life.

Life is messy and hilarious and amazing and awful and fun and sad and hurtful and passionate and for me, there is no one way to navigate it all — no book or podcast that will teach me.

For me, that’s life.

There is no one right way.

And why would I want there to be?

Anastasia Warren