Bored on a plane part II

Last time I wrote a piece from a plane, I started it off by talking about the pretzels. This time, I said no to the pretzels. Why did I do that? I don’t know — I actually could really use some pretzels.

I had to wake up the guy next to me so I could go to the restroom. That sucked. I’ll probably have to do it again in half hour or so — so that should be fun.

I’m on my way to San Francisco. Then I’m going to San Jose, then Salinas, then Montana, then Jackpot, then Reno. If you know what Jackpot is — you’re my best friend.

I’m pretty excited about the trip, as I haven’t been home for the holidays in two years. Last Christmas, prior to meeting up with a friend and going to a Celtics game which was actuall pretty rad, I was walking around alone and ate shit into a pile of snow. Merry Christmas to me. That night, I ate a pint of ice cream with a cat. To be clear, the cat just snuggled with me — he did not help eat the entire pint of ice cream.

Glad I got that out.

This week I got glass in my finger from swiping on a dating app. So there’s that. Part of me wanted to have to go to the ER so I could get on buzzfeed or something with the headline “It’s literally a scary world out there: being single in 2018” — but in the end I’m glad it didn’t require a trip.

Another thing that happened this week was that my friend and I realized we were the Boston version of snookie and jwow from Jersey Shore — which wasn’t great. But I mean, I do love that show…

That’s all I got. I’m exhausted and need to dive into a report for work… thanks for being here today.

Anastasia Warren