Let’s fly

Maybe when we can’t figure it all out right away, we give up.

Maybe instant gratification has conditioned us to believe that as soon as we question our path or realize that something isn’t for us it is inherently “bad,” rather than taking it as a learning lesson and moving on.

Most of my life and career has been figuring out what I don’t want, rather than what I do. This doesn’t make it wrong or a waste of time — it makes it exactly the opposite.

Instant gratification has taught us to be hard on ourselves when we ought not to be. To judge ourselves when we don’t know exactly what we want or haven’t gotten exactly where we’d like to be.

And maybe it’s tricked us.

Maybe we are so deeply trained to believe that things happen instantly, that when our deepest dreams and desires don’t happen over night, we write them off as wrong or inadequate for us — maybe we write ourselves off as inadequate for them.

Or maybe that’s not it at all.

Maybe we don’t think what we’re doing is enough — as good as the next. Maybe we only know how to play victim - maybe we like to play victim. Maybe we’re afraid of failure, or maybe, we’re afraid of our own success.

Maybe we’re all of these things at once.

I’ve been talking to a lot of people lately figuring out their paths. We’re all in the same spot it seems — trying to figure out our paths — setting up our own roadblocks when we do.

It’s comical for some.

I did an exercise the other day in which I envisioned my ideal day 10 years from now. It was crazy really, because nothing was insanely different than what I have today — yet I often yearn deeply and seemingly urgently for more. After I wrote out the things I want for my life, I actually laughed a bit, at just how accessible all of these things were — at how I actually already do these things and have all the resources necessary for me to fly.

Why don’t I?

Maybe I don’t believe I can do it since it hasn’t happened yet. Maybe I want it now — today — maybe I don’t have the capacity to see it through in 10 years. Maybe I don’t think what I’m doing is enough — as good as the next. Maybe I only know how to play victim — maybe I like to play victim. Maybe I’m afraid of failure, or maybe, I’m afraid of my own success.

Why don’t we fly?

Let’s do something, right now.

Let’s be honest about what we want. Let’s remove judgements about what that may be. Let’s give ourselves permission to change or to not know what that is yet. Let’s give ourselves time to get there. Let’s believe in ourselves even if we’re not there yet. Let’s question why we wrote off our dreams in the first place. Let’s realize how cool it is that we have the opportunity to go after what we want or to even consider it at all. Let’s stop playing victim. Let’s stop being afraid.

Let’s see if we can fly.

Anastasia Warren