Hey what's up hello

Well hello. It's no surprise to most of you that I'm an avid blogger, mostly because writing is how I deal with basically every problem, lesson, or otherwise in my life. And I learned a few years ago that sharing those experiences with others was one of my passions — connecting with people both that I know, and people that I don't. 

Some of you may know my writing from my blog Coffee and a Keyboard. That blog got me through a lot of different times throughout the last few years of my life — but, as I grow up and things start changing, I decided that needed to change as well. 

So welcome to anastasiafwarren.com. My more professional, branded to me, blog. 

So far in my life I have accomplished many things, and although I am ready to accomplish more, I am also ready to work on something extremely important — balance. This is something that must be worked on constantly in life to maintain a healthy and successful lifestyle. So now I'm actually going to focus on it (because would I be me if I didn't?).

I'm tired of trying to brand myself to be one thing, and I'm ready to embrace my different interests. So from outdoor adventures to city nightlife to career discussions, this is my spot (okay, I won't share everything I do).

This blog will be similar to Coffee and a Keyboard, containing my different writing on thoughts and experiences but hopefully with a more visual approach to compliment the words (ya know, style and design). I plan to combine work, career, friends, family, health, outdoors, travel, and everything else (coffee) that is included in a healthy, balanced lifestyle. 

I'm ready to embrace my life rather than dream of it. So, based in Reno/Tahoe, I plan to go on adventures, take photos, and write about them. Catch me on the Insta and here, I hope you'll enjoy the journey and life lessons that come along the way. 

It's time to stop planning life, it's time to start living it — I hope you'll join me.


Anastasia Warren