There's a certain magic you see when someone tells you of their dreams.

Their hopes, their fears, their best-case-scenario lives.

It's the way their eyes get a little bigger. It's the way their heart beats a little faster.

It's the way they tap into their inner child. One that doesn't worry about money, obstacles, and all of the reasons why they "can't." 

The one that doesn't worry about the competition. About the girl from Harvard with money, or the guy that's already ten steps ahead of them in his career. 

The one that has a dream, a goal—the one that knows that all that really matters is that they believe in it. 

It's the faith in themselves. It's the confidence they possess—it's the magic.

It's easy to get bogged down in life. 

A flat tire, overdue rent, the worry of what others may think, taking the normal steps through life. 

It's easy to get so bogged down in day-to-day life. It's easy to give up on your dreams before you even start them in return for stability, convenience, and a safe place where no one rejects your work. 

But what keeps you up at night? What did you used to wish for? When you were a kid, what did you see yourself doing? Back when they told you you could be whatever you want. Back when they told you that the sky was the limit. 

Back when you didn't know what an electrical bill or a car payment was. Back when the jabs from others didn't phase you. Back when playing make-pretend was a norm. 

What did you want? 

What did you believe in? 

What did your younger self know you could do? 

Find that. Speak about that. Create magic about that. 

Find a way to pursue that. 

Now, people change (I used to want to be an actress I'm pretty sure). And no one dream is better than the other. No way of living is greater than the next. But I encourage you to tap into that mindset, that mindset where dreaming was allowed, where dreaming was realistic.

There will always be car payments, student loans, things and people to take care of. 

But believe. Visualize. Set steps. 

Don't be afraid to do everything in your personal means to make your dream come alive. 

Because that magic deserves to live. 

Your magic deserves to thrive. 

Whether you want to be a fashion designer in New York or have a family with a dog in your hometown—take steps to make it happen, and always be open to detours along the way. 

Believe you can do it and give up the pursuit of appeasing to others. 

Don't trade your dreams for certainty. 

Don't lose yourself among the deadlines, the payments, and the need to fit in. 

Step into the unknown. And if you fail, I'm sure your younger self has another dream for you to try out. 


Anastasia Warren