As we get older, we step into a new world. One where we aren’t told what to do anymore.

In our younger years, we go to school after school, class after class. We follow the mold, and we make decisions such as where to go to school, what we want to major in, who we want to date.

But when we get out of the cycle, when we reach the point of no return – the point where our entire lives lay in front of us and we can choose any path we want – we are faced with some of the most difficult decisions we have to make.

Because, while choosing what school to go to does matter, the choices you make after your younger years will affect the course of your life forever.

Do I go to grad school? Do I move? Do I settle down and buy a house? Do I date him long-term? Do I travel? Do I change career paths?

Often, we are so overwhelmed with the multitude of options that we become paralyzed. There are so many different routes we can take, how do we choose just one? How do we know that one is the right one?

We worry about money, friends, different destinies.

Do we play it safe? Do we take a risk? Do we act responsible? Do we stay patient? Do we go for it?

And guess what?

No one is going to give you the answer.

Only you.

There is often this problem of us picturing ourselves in different lives. For me, it’s a professional ballet dancer, a famous writer, a school teacher, a CEO, a mom with a family – how do I choose just one? Where do I go? What do I do?

We get so caught up in the possibility, that we fail to give the one we chose our all. The life we chose suffers because we are so busy wondering about the other possibilities. And while having a passion for all that life has to offer is amazing, it is also draining and unfair to the aspects of life that you have chosen to devote yourself to.

So how do we choose?

I don’t have that answer.

I do know, that we must choose. We must dig deep within our soul and decide what we want to do. And then we must do it. We must go. We must take a chance, we must choose a path. And when we do, we must give it our all – we must continue to dream.

We must stop saying what if. We must understand that we can change paths at any time – but only if we give the one we are on the attention and love it deserves.

I don’t have the answer, but I know it’s not to paralyze yourself. It’s not to not choose in fear of regretting not pursuing another life.

Often I say I won’t do something because I don’t want to regret not travelling. But the thing is, I haven’t started packing my bags. I don’t see myself buying a backpacking bag anytime soon.

So what? You just sit there in comfort? In silence? Because what if I regret not choosing that other life?

The fact is, this is a good problem to have. We are lucky to have these options, not everyone does. 

Every choice you make is the right one. Why? Because you made it. And you’ll learn from it.

So choose. Something – anything.

And understand that it’s not the last choice you are ever going to make. 

Anastasia Warren