That time I got a flat tire, talked about it a lot, and learned about life

Let’s touch on the fun part of the trip not mentioned in my last post. 

Backtrack, I was just in beautiful CA soaking up family time and pretty flowers. Now, I'm on my way back to Reno. 

Okay, here we go: 

I am lucky enough to work for a company that allowed me to travel back a day later to avoid the snow on the pass… so I extended my vacation a day and was jamming hard to Spotify… about to go over the sunny pass to Reno, when my front tire went flat. 


Instead of crying, getting mad, frustrated, or anything like that, I decided to realize the good in this less than ideal situation… because that sounded like more fun.

I realized that there was a space for me to pull over on the freeway, not just around a corner so that cars could spot me from far enough away and make a lane change if need be. I realized that I was lucky enough to have AAA to call. I realized that I was only 4 miles from another town, so a tow truck would be pretty close. 

When the tow dude came, he was extremely friendly. I realized that people are awesome. 

He took me to a local tire shop where I was greeted yet again with friendly people. People that were worried about putting my old tire in my backseat because of ruining my stuff (I couldn’t care less). 

I then had to drive back to Reno over the pass on my spare, because of course, the wheel was broken so no, I couldn’t just get a new tire (I just got brand new tires a week ago for this trip… I would never let them wear, do you know me?). 

I drove back with crazy anxiety due to the fact that my spare could go at anytime, and cars around me were less then pleased with my speed (omg get over it, if I could go faster, I would). 

But here’s the thing, I made it home. I made it home a few hours later than anticipated, and I now have the looming job of getting a new wheel and tire this week (bye savings), but I’m home. I’m safe. It could have been worse. I have/had the resources there to take care of the issue. Not to mention the friends on the other end of my phone to talk to about it. 

So there. That’s a horribly written rendition of my experience and the fact that life only gets to you if you let it. It could be worse. What’s a flat tire in the scheme of life? Nothing.

Also fun fact, spent the whole trip home freaking out because I could smell rubber so of course that means the spare is about to pop, right? Wrong, I forgot that my old tire was in my backseat just inches away from my face. So there’s that. 

I also realized that I posted on Twitter and FB about this. So yeah, maybe the universe just knew I needed attention? Still figuring that out. For now, you just get to hear about it. 

Anastasia Warren