TED Main Takeaways

1. In order for others going through the same issues to feel valid, someone needs to share their vulnerabilities and start the conversation.

An amazing high school student from Reno shared that the reason she shares her stories is because someone needs to hear that they are not alone and that they can share their stories, too (much of the reason I run this blog).

2. Share your story, people will believe you, people will believe in you.

Your story matters (thanks OAR).

3. Authentic vulnerability.

Enough said.

4. Your setbacks set you up for your future and success.

A comedian talked about the reason he is successful. He is able to see situations in many different ways. Why is this? Growing up, he had a difficult time reading and had to look at words several different ways.

5. Realize that it's not about what you can get, it's about what you can give.

Don't "get" laughs, "give" the opportunity for laughter. See?

6. Comfort will ruin you, discomfort is where you grow.

I mean, yeah.

7. Music and our real stories make us feel less alone.

8. Be YOU.

Anastasia Warren