let's simplify

One of my three main life values is "simplicity." Funny, because I tend to be the one that overthinks my life and different choices. 

Anyway, one way for me to begin to embrace this value is by simplifying and de-cluttering my life, "tidying up," as the new trend is called. 

Here are some SUPER SIMPLE tips to de-clutter your life. Some take only 10 minutes. If you work on this let me know, I've only tackled a few and I would like to tackle more! 

1. Unsubscribe to junk mail.

Yep, go through your inbox and unsubscribe to emails you don't look at. I'm one of those "no unread email" people that likes to keep things tight (type A, ya feel). I realized that I was spending way too much time going through emails and simply deleting or clicking on them to be unread. For those of you that leave yours there, think about how much lower that number in red would be if you unsubscribed to the mail that doesn't serve your goals and happiness??

2. Go through your pantry. 

Takes about 10 minutes. Throw away things you don't use. I had a bunch of supplements and weird fad vitamins I had accumulated throughout the years that I NEVER take. While it was hard to rid of these things I spent money on, it felt so good to throw out things that only take up space. 

3. Condense your info.

I created a document that contains all important info I need such as budget, doctors numbers, and other important information. I used Excel and different tabs so that a lot of my information is in one, easy to access place! No more looking for my lists because I know exactly where they are. 

4. Think about what you spend unnecessary time on, and cut it out! 

I was an insane budgeter. Like, spend 2 dollars on coffee and re-do my budget type of budgeter. Finally, (after talking with my much smarter than me dad), I cut that habit out and am choosing to spend more consciously so that I don't have to worry so much about having enough to pay a bill! This is saving me about half an hour a day.... Now, I check in about once a week. Super simple fix. This can be applied to lots of things your spending unneeded time on (ex: junk email).

5. Do an audit on well, your life. 

This goes into much of the above, but it is time to evaluate what you are spending your time on. Is it social media? Is it your budget? Is it your goals? Think about it, and decide if you need some changes. Another thing to do here, is look at where your obligations are and what your goals are. Do they TRULY align with your desired outcome and dreams? Or are they just a time-filler you said "yes" to? Additionally, make sure your goals are making YOU happy. You don't have to be a yogi just because your cool friend is, maybe you like to kickbox — that's okay. 

6. Tackle things one at a time.

The above five things, I have already gone through. The rest, not so much. I have however created a list (weird) of the different things I need to tackle next (closet, under my bed, garage, etc.) in order to fully simplify my life and begin to practice "minimalism." 

7. Actually do shit. 

A great way to simplify is by crossing things off your list. You know, actually doing the shit you need to do. 


I think that clearing things out, both mentally and physically, really helps us to think simply and minimally which in the end allows us to spend smarter, eat healthier, use our time wisely, surround ourselves with our favorite people, and be all around happier. 

Thanks, this should be a venture! 

Anastasia Warren