The best investment I've ever made

I was listening to a Tim Ferriss podcast the other day (which I highly recommend to all my self-improvement nerds out there), and one of the questions he asked someone was, "what is the best investment you have ever made?" One person answered that it was the entry fee to a tough mudder, for example, because it showed her that she was capable of accomplishing things and got her into the fitness lifestyle. 

I reflected on this question (fellow nerds will understand), and thought about what my answer would be. 

My camera because it opened a new world of photography for me? My investment in healthier foods? My fees for yoga? My fees to keep this site running? 

All of these things are great investments, because they have brought true value to my life, and I am so grateful they were even a possibility.

However, I wouldn't call any of these "life changing" or "the best investment I have ever made."

This year, I took a good look at who I was becoming. I was an impulse shopper, spending because, well, I love trends. I was an impulse fad-diet hopper, because I LOVE TO PLAN NEW THINGS. I was a "go buy the latest essential oil your favorite blogger tells you to buy because she told you to buy it." 

In essence, I was the ultimate targeted consumer. Easily swayed, easily convinced. Easily overwhelmed with the monstrosity of information coming at me about how to live my life. Easily persuaded by my inner insecurities that I really needed the newest idea, the newest tool for self-improvement.

I was, as a marketer, my own picture perfect target.

I wasn't liking who I was becoming (not to mention my savings became a thing of the past..or wait, never really truly started). An impulsive consumer in things that I thought I "needed" to improve my life.

(Thank god) I realized this, and started looking at things a little differently.

So now, before I purchase anything, I ask myself, "is this truly going to bring value to my life?" And sometimes, that extra mimosa IS going to bring value to my life, so don't think I'm perfect over here - and that's quite alright. 

However, this change in mindset, this change in consumerism, has made all the difference. 

I got rid of things that don't bring me happiness, I ripped up my list of things that I "need."

I started (slowly) adopting more values of a minimalist.

And my life, has slowly changed for the better - one day at a time.

So my answer to the question, "what is the best investment you have ever made?" is a bit different than most, I would assume.

Because the best investment I have ever made, was letting go of things that didn't serve me. The best investment I have ever made was not investing in something external, it was investing in myself. 

This is not to say that that oil diffuser isn't necessary or your CrossFit classes needed to be cancelled, this is not that at all. This is simply the idea to really look at what you are spending on, practice balance in trying new things, and to truly bring value to your life via simplifying and staying true to you.

So, try it, I swear to goodness, you'll be happier. Cancel those subscriptions that you rarely use. Don't buy that shirt because you think you need it (or do if it will make you happy, I mean, fashion is a large part of my life) - but you get it. 

I am by no way saying I am a minimalist, I am, however, simplifying. I am ridding of things I don't need, and I am, most importantly, realizing everything I am already blessed to have.

Anastasia Warren