Some stuff about me

I had to put together a presentation of me outside of work for my job, and in doing so I figured I would transfer the information here so you could get to know me a bit better outside of my sarcastic/cliche comments on here.

Alright, here is a self-centered rendition of what I basically like to do for fun.


My family is everything to me. Please note the picture above (soon to come). My dad is walking away because he is over the photo, my mom is trying to be funny but generally looking strange, my brother is looking normal ish, my sister is clutching our dog (because she's obsessed.. we once had a wedding ceremony for the two of them... you can't make this stuff up), and I'm also looking normal ish (attempting to keep everyone together).

Camping trips make up some of my best memories with my family and friends. We have a tent trailer that we used to take out and play Yahtzee. It was just ghetto enough to be the best time ever. I grew up in Montana and it has a huge place in my heart.


I'm obsessed with my friends and a super social person. We like to go out, do weird things, and be weird people. They really are everything to me. 


I love traveling and do it as often as I can, getting in long weekends whenever I get the chance. A few places have really stolen my heart, and I go as much as possible. These include NYC, Boston, SF, and Monterey (grew up visiting extended family there, still have a membership to the aquarium... I used to make powerpoints about the different animals there... for fun...).


I LOVE TAKING PICTURES. I sort of suck at it and use the default setting, pretend to be a professional, and post on Instagram too often.. but I love it just the same. This stemmed from loving new places and travel. I love lifestyle and landscape photography the most. 

I LIKE DRINKING COFFEE. Idk if that's a hobby but I enjoy it. I think I might enjoy the idea of it more, but it has become a nostalgic, familiar practice for me and I love it. I also don't really know roasts or anything but I pretend and take pictures of it...

I LOVE PODCASTS AND BOOKS. I love self-improvement and listening to others' stories. Harry Potter is the best book, Tim Ferris has the best podcast.

I ENJOY THE OUTDOORS but not in like a cool, extreme sense. I usually just hike, complain the whole time, and take photos at the end.

BALLET is a huge part of my life. I grew up dancing and almost followed it as a career path however my need for an intense social life was stronger than my need to be a dancer (I guess). I sometimes go back and take class or perform, but it is ALWAYS going to be an integral part of my identity. One of the reasons I am on the board for Sierra Nevada Ballet.

JAMMIN ON MY PLANNER. I get off on planning, strategizing, and setting goals. How often I actually follow said plans is another story, but I'm super weird about organizing.

THIS SPACE. My main/favorite hobby is this blog. I love writing, blogging and podcasting. Basically, my hobby is to work. Which can be exhausting sometimes, but I love it so I'm not going to question myself about it anymore. Writing is my new art form and it helps me understand my emotions and experiences. I hope you enjoy it.


Well, I have a million. But these are my main ones that I actually stick to (I often try to get into things and then get over it in like a day.. see going vegan).


I love my alma mater.


Check my Insta. This can often be problematic/clash with my next interest, but I try to combine them both.


This idea has kind of saved me. Money spending, excess bad eating, overplanning... minimalism (balanced) is a great way to strive to live your life.


I love reading about business leaders, and path forgers. Hopefully one day that will be me.


I like reading about optimal health and balance. Again, not that I necessarily follow it, but I love understanding the science of why things are good for you, or why they're not.

AND FINALLY the movie/story of Anastasia has always been a big part of my life. We're talking pjs, comforter, sleeping bag, barbie doll... you name it. And I'm going to the Broadway show soon.... so that's exciting.

I used to wish I was some awesome yogi, runner, rock climber, vegan, bilingual, artist... but I finally realized that what I like to do is enough and I'm letting myself just BE.

So that's me.

I think that's mostly my "about." Though we didn't talk about my goals and dreams, I'm sure you could probably guess.

Anastasia Warren