These are my confessions. 

Just kidding but I do have that Usher song stuck in my head. 

But really, I have a confession. 

A confession that I owe to you, a confession that I owe to me. 

I sit behind my computer a lot. Writing about my experiences, my lessons, my conversations. I sit behind my computer a lot. 

And, while writing is a sort of art form — of therapy for me, I have a confession. 

It's easy to sit behind my computer and write. It's easy to sit with my hands on my keyboard and type. It's easy to write about my lessons, encourage you to follow them. 

It's easy to preach different things, encourage different ways of living. 

It's hard to follow them myself.

So here's my confession. 

These blogs I write, I forget them. These lessons I learn, I unlearn them. These discoveries I make, I lose them. 

Not every time, not every day — but sometimes, I forget. 

I forget that I've already learned a lesson. I forget that I've advocated for a thought. 

I simply forget. 

My confession is that I'm not the best at practicing what I preach. I'm not always the best at being the "marketing director. writer. blogger. business junkee" you see on this site. 

I'm not always perfect. 

I forget every day. 

I give advice, I listen to others' problems. 

I help. 

Yet I struggle greatly with mine. 

As if, when applied to myself, these things are not possible. 

But then I remember that this is part of the human experience. Learning, unlearning. Making mistakes and then making them again. 

Forgiving yourself, and moving on. 

Forgiving yourself, and moving on. 

So no, I'm not perfect. No, I don't live each truth written here every day, but I do try. 

I try every day. 

And that's all that matters, at least that's what I'm learning today, anyway.


Alright, thanks for reading this emo-sounding post. Thanks for listening.

Anastasia Warren