our goal formula

Alright, les get real.

We all have goals that we always set, and never accomplish. Or better yet, never really, truly even work toward.

If you don't have any of these untouched (truly untouched, I'm talking "wants to run a marathon and trains for only three days") goals, then please start a blog because I need to read it. 

The truth in the matter is, we're all human. And all of us fall down sometimes. 

All of us end up watching Netflix instead of reading our non-fiction biz book, all of us forget about our morning routine, all of us, at some point, press snooze.

All of us fall into what's easy, what's comfortable, and what's safe. 

Because, duh - it's easy.

What we forget, is that while we're living easy, safe, and comfortable days, we are actually holding ourselves back from what we truly want - what truly makes us happy. 

And then we get mad at ourselves, we self-loathe. We wish we were better. 

Anyone relate? 

Here's the thing, that's totally okay (well, sort of). It's important to remain human and lose sight of being perfect, in fact, it's important to never strive for perfection, but rather, to strive for excellence. 

Striving for excellence over perfection eliminates the self-loathing upon screw-ups, it eliminates the need to eat 10 chocolates after you give in to one, it eliminates the "I'll start next week" and changes it to "I'm still working on that today, right now."

In 2017, let's focus on excellence>perfection. 

Why? Because excellent people do well in not only their careers, but their personal and social lives as well. They do well in their hobbies, their relationships, their health. And why? Because they don't allow failure, mess-ups, and eff-ups to ruin them. Rather, they learn from them and continue on. Additionally, excellent people have a hell of a good time (see spending a little over budget on champ one night...perfect? No. But fun? Yes).

Excellent people are balanced, the opposite of boring (perfect), and well, excellent.

So, I'd like to start this by fully admitting that I didn't attain most of my goals from 2016. And honestly, I think it's because when going after them, I was striving for perfection. Didn't save as much as you wanted to this month? Oh, let's spend it all. Didn't workout today? Next Monday sounds good. 


Excellence>perfection, friends. 

However, instead of beating myself over the above, I am choosing to learn from these failures, because life goes on, and really, we do have time.

Here is a formula so that in one year from today, I (and hopefully you) can look back on my vision/goals sheet and feel that, though I might not actually accomplish them all, I did everything in my power and worked as hard as I possibly could to cross them off the list.

1. Excellence>perfection.

See above.

2. Focus on why.

Why is it important? Why do you want to accomplish these mini-goals? Example: weight loss - to be at peace with yourself so you can focus on helping others. Pretty rad reason to lose weight if you ask me.

3. Break down into categories and small goals.

Think large: career, health, family, personal, financial - break down from there.

4. Daily reminder.

Here's the key - write all of this down (including the "whys") READ IT EVERY DAY. 

5. Practice forgiveness.

Eff up? Forgive and move forward. Just like that, you're still working on your goal instead of giving up.

6. Consistency is key.

Every. Single. Day. Nothing happens over night. No juice cleanse, no reading for a whole day, no snowboarding once will get you to where you want to be.

7. Adapt as needed, and do not associate with failure.

Changing your goals to fit your dreams and happiness is not the same thing as giving up or failing. We are humans and we change, that is part of our success. Allow yourself to do this! 


Hopefully this will help you out there. At the end of this next year, if you have not accomplished your goals but you have put everything you have into getting there, then call it a success. But if you follow this, and follow your desires - I am sure you will accomplish most.


2016 was... interesting, to say the least. I believe we can forge a new path both professionally and personally and make this a great year and excellent rest of our lives. 


And now I'm writing like I'm at a grad ceremony and I'm some big shot. I'm just going to stop now. 

Message/text/email if you want to talk goals! I'm all ears/eyes.

Anastasia Warren