We're constantly waiting. 

We're waiting until we get done with our degree so that we can get a "real" job. We're waiting for our savings to hit a certain number so we can buy that dream house. We're waiting until our bodies are "perfect." We're waiting until we move to a new city. We're waiting for next month. We're waiting for Monday. We're waiting until we're ready. 

We're waiting. 

We're constantly waiting. 

What we're waiting for is different. What we're searching for is often unknown. 

You know what happens while you're waiting? You know what happens while you're preparing, planning, and thinking about your future? 


Life is happening. 

Treating your life as temporary, believing that you will "start" in a day, in a month, in a year — this is how you let your life slip away. 

This is how you let your life pass you by. 

So maybe you are working toward a goal that you haven't attained yet — that's quite alright. 

Be patient and work toward your goals, just don't forget that every day you spend working on that goal, you are also creating your life. And realize that you don't need to attain each goal right now. 

That you don't need anything to live your life today, tomorrow, or any other day.

Don't forget that each day is a piece of your puzzle. That each day could be the day that changes your course forever. 

Remember that while you wait, life is happening. 

Don't let life pass you by while you wait on the sidelines for your turn. 

It's always your turn. 

Take it.


Anastasia Warren