Inspire Yourself

I think of you as so wise, confident, and independent.

I've heard these words before from a few people, and I feel the need to touch on it from my perspective. 

First off, thank you so much to anyone that has said that. It really means the world to me and I am beyond happy that I can potentially inspire others through my daily life choices and thoughts that appear here. 

Inspiring others to realize their potential, follow their passions, and create change is my "why" in life, so I'm going to continue to do this until I feel that I'm not inspiring anyone anymore (myself included). So please, keep the feedback coming it litERAlly makes me day. 

Now, back to the wise, confident, and independent thing. 

We all have our demons.

We all have our insecurities.

We all have our stuff, our baggage. 

This year has been trying for me. I have cried more than I ever have in my life (which is usually like never), I have done things out of self-hate rather than self-love, I have often sabotaged my goals, I have failed to honor my "why," I have done stupid things, I have dealt with anxiety, I have lost, gained, and kept different friends. 

I have done a lot. 

And I have also done a lot of good. Maybe not as good as I want, but good still. 

Throughout my different obstacles and struggles, I have looked to others for inspiration. Oh, look at her, that will get me motivated. Oh, this is what he does for his morning routine, let's do that. Oh, I want to be like her in two years. 

And this has left me with nothing. 

No progress, no improvement - nothing.

On it's own that is. 

What I failed to do, is combine my own dreams, desires, and forms of happiness with the strategies and examples of others I hope to emulate. 

The path to success is a combination of others successes and your own. It's where what is true for you meets what is true for others. 

It's where you look to others for inspiration, yes. But more importantly, it is where you look to yourself. 

Be inspired by others, and dare to be inspired by yourself.

 Think about what you want. Think about why you have failed in the past. Think about why you want to do it. Think about what works for you, what doesn't work for you. 

Not all strategies are for you, and not all dreams are your own. 

I think of you as so wise, confident, and independent.

Continue to be inspired by whomever inspires you. Whether it's me, whether it's your mom, whether it's someone on Twitter that has seemingly profound thoughts. Continue to look to those around you for guidance, help, and motivation. 

Just don't forget to look to yourself. And don't forget that your inspirations have their issues too. 

None of us are perfect. Strive to be the best version of you. Strive to honor yourself. 

Strive to inspire yourself. 


Anastasia Warren