To the people who took a chance on me

Not all of us are born with some innate confidence that is exuded in everything we do. 

Not all of us always believed in ourselves. 

Some of us still don't.

Some of us figured out how to combat self-doubt and worry, yet still struggle with it every day. 

Academics were never really my thing... or at least I made it that way. 

Throughout high school I took on the role of the "fun friend," or should I say the "lazy friend."


It was easier that way. 

I was surrounded by extremely intelligent friends. Each day was easier when I wasn't in competition with them, wasn't taking myself seriously (also had a lot to do with the fact that I enjoyed skipping class and eating Cheezits, but hey). 

Because if you don't take yourself seriously, well it doesn't matter if you fail - right? 

It's easier to make it a joke, than it is to mess up. 

It's easier not to try, than to fail. 


This extended to all parts of my life. I'm not saying I had zero confidence in all aspects. I was and still am extremely social, I found a place in the ballet world that allowed me to realize my capabilities, and in truth, the lack of confidence was always off and on - as it still is today. 

It took me well into my collegiate career to begin to take myself seriously. This applied to academics, physical fitness, career, and life. 

Now, I had a great time messing around my first few years, but the problem was this...

I didn't believe in myself. 

Why would I compete with them? 

Why would I try? 

I want to take a moment to thank the people that took a chance on me. 

I want to thank the professor that trusted me to write a main portion of our competition book, the women that trusted me to lead them on the Panhellenic board, the artistic director that trusted me to do PR for her company, the people that trusted me to run the house in a sold out theatre. 

I want to thank the people that took a chance on me. The employers that saw something in me. The mentors that believed in me even when I didn't believe in myself. 

I want to thank everyone that has played a role in my life up until today. From the people that let me mow their lawn years ago, to the company that took a chance on me one year ago. 

I want to thank you for believing in me. 

Because now, I finally agree with you. 

I finally believe in myself. 

And to all of you out there reading, I want you to remember that even those of us that come off as confident, we have our insecurities. I want you to remember that building self-esteem takes time. 

I want you to remember that failing is ALWAYS better than not trying in the first place. 

Because more often than not, you'll surprise yourself.

Anastasia Warren