One of the most important and freeing realizations in life, is that you do not have to do it all.

It is realizing that it is okay to prioritize tasks, events, values. It is realizing that it is okay to not be everything to everyone.

It is realizing that is okay to not do the same as others.

There are so many options in life. What job are you going to do? What career path are you going to take? What charity are you going to volunteer with? What gym are you going to spend your time with? What books are you going to read? What organizations are you going to become involved in?

You get it.

Many of us struggle with wanting to do it all. And what’s harder, is that we actually do see the value in each possibility. It would help us to do A organization, it would be rewarding to participate in B.

It is great to have a zest for obligation, opportunity, and new ventures.

It is important to understand that you need not commit to all.

It’s a matter of time.

It’s a matter of passion.

What makes YOU the most happy? What fuels YOUR goals? What will help you get where YOU want to be? What will help you use YOUR strengths and skills to help others in the most beneficial way?

You must pose these types of questions to yourself before you agree to the next thing.

What is the most beneficial way for you to spend your time?

I am a huge culprit of this. As I have set goals, seen my dreams slowly start to form, and wondered what I was put here to do, I have jumped at every opportunity.

Because being involved is great, and being the best – being everything, is even better.


There are many organizations I want to join. There are many activities I want to be good at. There are many books I want to read. There are many projects I want to work on. There are many things I want to practice and improve upon.

But see, the practice of simply writing that paragraph is overwhelming.


How do you want to spend your time?

How do you need to spend your time?

I have finally realized that it is not about being involved in everything. It is about being involved in the right things…for me.

And those might not be the right things for you.

I have narrowed down my obligations and where I am spending my time to three main categories, and let me tell you – I haven’t felt this free with a strong sense of purpose in years.

Free with a strong sense of purpose.

That should be how we all feel.

That should be how our obligations and opportunities make us feel.

Simplify, do what’s right for you, and learn to say no.

Stop comparing yourself to others.

Allow yourself to be free with a strong sense of purpose.

Allow yourself to build the life you wish.

Anastasia Warren