Take Back Your Mornings


Hello there. 

Let me first start by saying that I am no expert at morning routines, meditation, etc., by any means. However I am good at identifying my goals, what makes me happy, and what sets me up for success... and those are the tools I use to design my life and my day-to-day. 

That's where the foundation for my method of creating routines comes from.

I'm going to talk about morning routines specifically, although most of this can be applied to whatever you're trying to plan (goals, etc.).

Disclaimer: I in no way follow my routine every. single. morning. Things happen. I need an extra hour of sleep, I have an early meeting, I simply don't feel like it, etc. That's OK. 

Now... how to create your perfect morning routine to set your day up for ultimate success (according to a non-expert, just a really big life-improvement nerd)...

1. Be flexible.

Remember as you begin this journey that it is okay if you do not get to everything every day. Do not let this be a stressor in your life, rather, a de-stressor. If you mess up, continue to do your best the rest of the day, and try again tomorrow. 

2. Decide what your goals are. 

What are you trying to accomplish with this routine? Fitness? Peace of mind? Being more organized and ready for your day? Think about this for a bit. If it's fitness, incorporate a workout. If it's peace of mind, consider meditation or different gratitude exercises (such as writing down three things you are grateful for right at that moment). If it's organization, schedule twenty minutes to go through your priorities and emails for the day. 

This part is up to you. If you have specific goals or things you want to accomplish and you don't know how to incorporate, I'm glad to help.

3. Remember what makes you happy. 

Now, what makes you happy (other than following your goals #emailforlife)? The morning is your time. I personally like to enjoy my breakfast and read the news every morning. This makes me feel as though I am doing something for myself in the quiet before I go a whole day working with others and following to-do lists. Maybe you want to do yoga, go outside, make your lunch — what makes you happy? Add a portion of that in. 

4. Do a little research. 

There are hundreds of articles out there telling you the "perfect morning routine." Feel free to read through those. However I encourage you to create your own based on your personal needs and what works for you. That's why I won't tell you to do 1, 2, 3... that you decide.

5. Be realistic about your schedule. 

Do you have an hour? Two? What are your nights like? What can you accomplish then (setting out your clothes, prepping your food, etc.)? Do not say you're going to wake up at 5am if you know you can't get in bed until 12am. SLEEP IS IMPORTANT. At least for me. 

6. Create your own plan. 

Now, sit down and write out your plan. I personally (try) to wake up at 5am, have water and my multivitamin, go on a half hour run/walk outside, and then spend the rest of my time getting ready, eating breakfast with warm lemon water, reading the news, going through what I'm grateful for and visualizing my dreams, and of course, enjoying my cup of coffee (now you know how psycho I am, you're welcome). 

7. Try it. 

Get to it. Give it some time. If you don't like it...

8. Edit it. 

9. Try again. 

10. Repeat. 

Goals change. Schedules change. People's needs change. There is no one way to live. There is no one way to think. Evolve your routine with you. And honestly, say to hell with it and throw it out completely every once and awhile. 

There's no one way to live, no. But life is meant to be lived, after all.



Anastasia Warren