Different Dreams

I'm not really sure why or where we get the misconception that some people have "better" dreams than others. 

Some people dream of a house and a family, a solid job and a good income. Others dream of traveling, experiencing different cultures and people. Others still dream of furthering their career and ending up as a best-selling author. 

Often, those that have ultimate dreams of having a family and a house, settling down per say — they don't understand the entrepreneurial dreamers. And those with entrepreneurial dreams, they don't understand the former. The wander-lusters yet, they don't understand either. 

Some people want it all (most of us, just at different times).

And that's okay. 

We don't have to understand — we have to accept. 

We have to accept that we all have different dreams, and that is okay. That is more than okay. 

If there were a million me's out there running around, the world wouldn't continue to churn. If we didn't have different mindsets and dreamers, we wouldn't have the vast and diverse universe we live in. 

So I ask this:  don't hate on the people that love their 9 to 5. Don't hate on the people that dream of a family and a dog. Don't hate on the people that dream of traveling the world and living out of a backpack. Don't hate on the people that want to put their career first and live a life of work-life integration (holla). Don't hate on the people that dream of living in the woods and don't hate on the people that dream of living in a city apartment. 

Just don't hate. 

Don't discredit someone else's dream because YOU don't get it. Because it's different than YOURS.

We're all different dreamers. And that's okay. 

We're all different. 

But you know how we're the same? 

We're all dreamers, none bigger than the next. 

Only different.

And that, that is a beautiful thing.


Anastasia Warren