The Gut

This feeling. 

This feeling is one that I have never felt before. 

This feeling is one that I have looked for for some time - without even realizing what it actually felt like. 

Until now.

It is the feeling you get, when you figure out what you want. When you are so happy about the possibility of something coming to fruition, that you tear up. 

That is when you know it is right. 

That is when you know you must not give up.

That is when you know, that no matter what happens, you must keep persisting on that goal and dream until it is yours. 

Simply because you have to. 

Simply because you know it's right.

Simply because you can feel it. 

This feeling - I never want to forget this feeling.

Never settle until you feel this feeling, and I promise you, you will know when you do.

Anastasia Warren