The head and the heart

The head and the heart.

Realism and idealism.

Reality and dreams.

Logic and chances.

These are difficult things to process. 

Often, the head and the heart conflict. 

We've heard it a million times. 

Our heart says one thing, and our head says another. 

We know what we WANT to do, and we know what we SHOULD do. 

There is a smart, sure way and there is a risky, daring way. 

Neither is right...and neither is wrong. 

As with most things in life, it is about balance. 

We must learn to balance the head and the heart. We must learn to not go to either extreme, until the time is right. 

You see, it is amazing to take a large risk and go for your dream AND it is even more amazing when it is meticulously and strategically thought out, because then you will certainly succeed. 

I am not saying to wait forever. I am not saying to NOT go for what you want. 

I am saying the opposite.

I am saying that if your heart is telling you one thing, it is probably right. 

But there is a reason we have a head, too. 

It's because we are meant to get what our heart knows to be true. 

Our head can guide us through the correct steps - through patience, hard work, and perseverance - we are able to follow our head and heart both at the same time, ultimately ending in our true happiness and success.

It is also true, that our head and our heart may NEVER fully align. There will always be one more "smart" thing you can do before taking the leap, there will always be a yearning in your heart for what it is you want most before the time is right. 

It is when they are nearly lined up, when you have followed both for long enough, that you know it is time. 

When there is a little risk, and a little cushion - that is when you leap. You might still fall, but you'll be able to get back up - because your head and your heart won't let you sleep. 



**I do believe this is why I am such an advocate for goal-setting and getting. It is when you turn your dreams into actionable goals that you follow your heart, while listening to your head.

Anastasia Warren