For the past few months, I've played it pretty safe. 

Great job, great apartment, great routine, great city. 

Everything was great. Everything is great.

And all of this, I will continue, all of this will be my constant. 

But I was missing something. 

Something important. 

I am a dreamer to my core. I am entrepreneurial. (#icantbetamed). 

And for the past few months, I had accepted my routine, my schedule—I had started to accept dreams that didn't scare me, dreams that probably weren't big enough. 

And for some, that is enough (which btdubs is totally OK, the world needs all types). 

But what this meant for me, is that I was ultimately suppressing and ignoring the one thing about me that makes me who I am. 


My passion. 

My passion for my work, my life, my people, my possibilities. 

It was gone. 

And thus, I was floating through the motions, ultimately suffocating myself into routine.

And I can't do that anymore. 

I can't suppress the one thing about me that makes me, me. 

It's okay to dream big, change your mind twenty times, and be overwhelmed at the possibilities of life. It's okay to not want a life of the "what you're supposed to do's." It's okay to not be understood by others, potentially judged by others, NOT live your life based on others.

Because that is what makes me happy. 

So yes, my routine will remain the same, because like I said—it's pretty great. 

But my mindset is different. My passion will not be ignored. 

My spirit will be back, my zest for life will be replenished. 

What I want for you, what I ask of you, is to be true to yourself. Do not give in to the wants and norms of society, of others, or of anything else. 

Only do what you want. Always do what you want.  

Anastasia Warren