At what point it switches, I don't know. 

At what point we no longer turn to others for every single problem, I don't know. 

But that point comes. 

That point comes where we know that some things should be internalized. That some things going on in our lives are for us and us alone. 

Or at least, we know that their are certain audiences for certain things. 

We stop running to our parents with every career move. We stop telling our friend every time we are having a hard time. 

We just stop. 

We start realizing that we have to be the strong ones now. That people are now leaning on us, rather than us always leaning on others. 

I think it's called adulting, but I think it's something more.

I think it's a sense of growing up, it's a sense of knowing more about life, knowing what is worth bringing to others' attention. 

Knowing what is not. 

It's saving others from information that won't help them. That won't do them any good. 

It's knowing that you are strong enough now to take on the world, with others, yes, but with yourself, even more.

Anastasia Warren