My immediate family lives in Montana. Yes, Montana. We ride horses to school, use an out house, and we JUST got the final installment of Harry Potter in our bookstores. 

Just kidding, though I bet at least one person believed it. But they are from Montana, that much is true.

Anyway, they're from Montana. And, they ALL came to visit me in good old Reno (not just Dad, who usually comes for the casinos and beer... but that's beside the point).

I thought it would be nice to show them my office - because they don't really know the inner-workings of my day to day (plus I wanted to show that, despite my frantic calls and quarter life crises - I actually am doing alright for myself).

So, I brought them to the office. This, essentially two hours with my family, should show you pretty much how we function - good, bad and everything in between.

They get to my office. I walk them directly into my personal office because, well, I need to make sure they're behaving before bringing them into the area where (gasp) people are actually working. 

My mom proceeds to sit at my computer, pretend to be me, and play charades. Matt texts on his phone, completely uninterested. Mariel starts writing on my board and knocks over my perfectly placed flowers in seconds. Bill is nowhere to be found. 

Bill is on the phone and walking around the office in his flip flops, probably scaring people that have no idea who this stranger is... um, okay? At least he was quiet. He tends to do his own thing while the rest of us are generally obnoxious.

I usher them all out of the office and to the car before they cause more disruption. Where, we start going to a new restaurant. We got lost a total of three times on the way, because I wasn't paying attention and apparently Mariel can't read maps. And, mom decided to not totally listen. 

We get to the restaurant and are seated. We eat, somewhat normally, other than the fact that they made fun of my choice of hippy Kombucha to drink. I tell them I'm moving to Nashville and they give me a "that's great" with an underlying, "she'll change her mind in five minutes" feel. After lunch, we got lost a total of two times on the way back, ending up, at one point, in the middle of a desert dirt road.. what? 

My office was about 1.7 miles away. 

We get back, and I tell them I don't want them to come in. "You guys are way too hyped right now."

Bill, "no, they'll be good."

We get out, and I take them through the office. My mom decides she wants to do a cartwheel in front of everyone as well as bang on my CEO's door. I tell her to cool it. Mariel: "Mom, you're being too much right now." Matt: "Smh" Dad: Wait, where's Dad? 

I quickly escort them out now that the entire department is disturbed.

"And this is why we can't do nice things."

So long, familia, I love you, but I'm already exhausted.


Anastasia Warren