People are all that matter

I'm always hungry. 

No, not hungry as in hungry for some mac' n cheese hungry (although holla because that sounds amazing rn too). 

Hungry, as in, hungry for the next challenge, the next venture, the next step. 

Hungry for what's next. 

Hungry for what I don't have. 

And, this is good. 

I'm goal-oriented, I'm disciplined, I achieve. I'm good on my own. 

I'm good on my own. 

Am I?

Is anyone? 

Whenever things are stagnant in my life, I look to the next goal — the next thing to do (right now, it's fitness in case anyone was wondering where I've been). 

And, this is good. 

And, I am often left unfulfilled. 

Unfulfilled because I try to fill the void of being unfulfilled with things that I'm not actually completely passionate about. Unfulfilled because I ignore what I actually need to work on, because it is in a "good" place right now — because it is comfortable. 

We set up defense mechanisms because it's easy that way. "I'm fine," "I'm so grateful," become regular phrases that now leave us numb. 

And after awhile, we believe ourselves. We believe that we are fine, that this is what we want. 

And then, we strip back the layers. We spend time with ourself, we find clarity — and then we realize, maybe we're not so fine at all. 

Maybe, we're actually a little unfulfilled. 

Maybe, we're actually a little lonely. 

Maybe, we're actually tired of being hungry.

People are all that matter. 

Relationships are all that matter. 

Where you are, it's not what matters. 

It's the people you surround yourself with. 

It's the person that you choose to spend your time with. 

That's all that matters. 

And even if you work hard to have a career-driven, independent and stubborn exterior, it's okay to admit that. 

It's really okay.

It's really okay to stop being so hungry. 

It's really okay to be a little lonely. 

It's really okay to admit you're a little unfulfilled.


Anastasia Warren