Some snow would be nice


I'm so excited to announce that I've accepted a job at a marketing firm in the heart of Boston, MA and will be starting in just one month! The company itself provides an environment of learning and growth that I am looking for in my next gig, and I honestly don't know how my dreams have actually come true. I've wanted this, specifically, for so long (aka since I was at the barre of Boston Ballet when I was 14), and there were more days than not over the past 11 years that I thought it would never happen. I think the lesson to learn here is to always push, realize your worth, and never never never give up on what you truly want. To always, always be authentic to yourself and who you are at your core. This move has required me to say no to amazing opportunities, walk away from an amazing life and possibilities, and have the door slammed in my face over, and over, and over again. It has required me to realize my fear, push past my fear, and do what I wanted anyway. But the important thing to note is that everything happens for a reason. The timing of this, on a personal level, could not be more perfect and I needed to go through everything I have to come to this point. 

And yes, I'm terrified... but that's why I know this is right.

I couldn't be more thankful to the people in my life that have supported me, listened to me process my dreams and goals, heard me change my mind over and over again, and picked me up when I continued to fall. To my employer who has been more than supportive through this process, to my family, friends, roomie, and every mentor I have ever known, to the people that read my stuff and put up with my crazy Instas - thank you forever and always. And yes, dammit, this is my Oscar speech.

My best friend from childhood was with me when I found out, and the first thing she said was, "wow, how many years has it been?" 

The magnitude of what this means to me is so great. And I know, I know people move all the time... but for me this is huge step in so many ways and I can't really express how much it means.

With that, I think I'll go to Boston... some snow would be nice.

Anastasia Warren