I'm talking

A lot of people probably don't understand why I share so much of my self through my writing. They probably don't understand why I would want others to know my greatest flaws and my greatest fears. 

Hell, sometimes I don't even know why. 

Sometimes, it's to help others. Sometimes, it's to get things off my chest. Sometimes, it's to face my demons head on with a big f*** you.

Sometimes, I don't know why.

But I do know this. 

I have never once regretted it. 

I have never once regretted letting others in. I have never once regretted being vulnerable and owning up to my shortcomings and fears. 

I have always felt empowered. I have felt bigger, stronger than whatever had been holding me back before. 

I have always felt an insane amount of gratitude for the love that is given back to me, and even greater sense of gratitude when others reach out saying, "hey, you helped."

I sometimes worry about sharing too much. 

"Is this on brand? Will this hurt my career? Should I be saying this?"

But the truth is, I would rather sabatoge my career and share my writing than not share my writing at all. 

I would rather ruin my personal brand, whatever that even is anymore, and burn it to the ground than stop sharing my story. 

I won't be quiet. I'm going to speak up. 

If people judge, they judge. If someone doesn't want to date me, they don't want to date me. If people laugh, they laugh. 

It's worth it. 

I'm talking.

Sometimes, I don't know why. 

But I do know this. 

I'm supposed to share my imperfections, my hardships — my experiences. 

At least today. 

And I'm going to keep sharing them until I don't feel I'm supposed to anymore. 

Because that is what I'm here to do, so at least right now, today — I'm here, and I'm talking.

Anastasia Warren